Steve and Will | Anniversary Photo session | Palm Springs, Ca.

Steve and Will | Anniversary Photo session | Palm Springs, Ca.

I was SO delighted when I received an email from Steve saying he and Will were coming into town for their anniversary and wanted to do a session with me.  I had the pleasure of photographing their wedding back in 2008!  You can see it here. They brought their super sweet dog Rebecca, which if you know me, made my day. They wanted to hit a few spots around town and were just so easy going which made the session really fun.  They were open to anything.  We started out at the Viceroy Hotel, which is where they were staying and where they originally got married.

Then we headed out into the desert since we were having such an amazing sunset.

and on to the Palm Springs sign, which Rebecca was clearly unimpressed with. 🙂

The timing was PERFECT to pop out to the windmills and the sky was so lovely and dramatic.  The light was beyond belief.

Then we finished up with what Steve and I referred  to as “moody artsy fartsy”.  SO fun!

Steve and Will | Anniversary Photo session | Palm Springs, Ca.

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  1. Liss
    9 years ago

    What a great shoot, lighthearted fun and yet showing their love for one another and their furbaby perfectly!

  2. Kathy Rappaport
    9 years ago

    These look so fun – and romantic to go back to the place you got married. What a lovely souvenir of their anniversary trip. These are lovely images – I especially like the color at the Viceroy. And of course – the DOG!

  3. Michelle Amarante
    9 years ago

    I love your couple, and the locations are awesome! But, Rebecca? Well, she has stolen my heart! What an awesome session Chris!

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