“Day After” Session ~ The Parker, Palm Springs

Renee and Steve were married at the Parker Hotel in Palm Springs on New Years eve and because of the timing and time of year we didn’t have much natural light to capture fun images around the beautiful Parker property.   Solution?  A “day after” session.  These are SUPER fun and laid back.  I don’t try to recreate your wedding day, I don’t try to pretend the images were made ON your wedding day.  It’s just a fun way to make MORE lovely images of the newlyweds in a much less stressful environment. Lets face it, the wedding day can be pretty stressful and it it goes by in a blur! This way, the couple is available to their guests for the entire event and they get to enjoy their friends and family without being rushed. Here are a handful of the ones I did with Renee and Steve on New Years day. Of course, I shot plenty of pictures on the day of the wedding as well (see here).

The Parker, Palm Springs

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