Palm Springs | Family Photographer | Corrina and Rudy

Corrina called me up a few weeks ago, she and her gorgeous family were going to be in town for a few days and wanted to do a fun little family session.  Corrina is a fellow photographer so I was a little nervous, but there was no need, she was SO fun to work with and her hubby and sweet son Braxton were just TOO adorable!! And SO stylish, they knew just what to wear and I mean……   can you stand it??  A yellow tie!! Check it out:

Palm Springs | Family Photographer | Corrina and Rudy

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  1. Melissa George
    10 years ago

    Adorable family and shoot Chris! Kudos!

  2. RoseAnne Foxx
    10 years ago

    This is some of your best work. I love what you are doing. I love this family. Your photo session with them captured their aura, their relationship. Were they models? lol kidding. Great share.
    RoseAnne Foxx

  3. Alicia Adamopoulos
    10 years ago

    This session is so lovely Chris. I adore the shot of Braxton kissing up to dad – it’s heartwarming moments like these that make parenting so awesome.

    And let’s just face it. Braxton is one super cute kid.

    Great session. xo

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